Ioan Pilat is a freelance photographer, street-artist and art director. He lives and works between Padua and Milan, but his true nature is that of a globetrotter.
His work is influenced by the music and the major source of inspiration are the people themselves, whom he meets and photographs.
Specialized in portrait photography, mainly in fashion and beauty, over the years he has developed some personal projects that allow him to continue to investigate the world and try to satisfy his curiosity towards it.
His work, full of passion, reflects his love for photography and a search for a minimalist type of visual image, in shapes, shades, materials and objects.
Portrait photography teacher  at the Palladio Design Institute in Verona.


exibart, la Repubblica, Corriere della sera, Corriere del Veneto, Vogue Bambini, Vanity Fair, l’Architetto, Wall Street Italia,, Fashion magazine, Il Salone del Mobile, The One Club, DPI mag, Adnkronos, Milano finanza, Lucca comics, C41 magazine, Elegant magazine, Dreamingless mag.


2020 group Portrait of Dick – Fresh cuts, ricordando il movimento Fluxus (galleria Visioni Altre, Venezia)
group Rêve – Dissolvenze (Museo Diocesano, Padova)
2019 group moi, femme (murale), Ricordi? (installazione), Animae (installazione) – Poetic Hotel (Padova)
2019 group  undercover red – feuer Grenze – Arsenali fotografici (Verona)
2019 solo undercover red – Pier88 (Padova)
2018 group  undercover red – Amorefolle (Corte benedettine, Correzzola, Padova)
2018 solo Botanica – en plein air (Dolo, Venezia)
2018 solo Fashion twins – Sottopasso della Stua (Padova)
2018 group Lights in Padua & more – FéMO festival (Centro culturale San Gaetano, Padova)
2017 solo Amalgam– en plein air (Dolo, Venezia)
2016 solo Diari – Arte in comune (Dolo, Venezia)
2015 solo Diari – Villa Pisani (Strà, Venezia)
2015 group Incanto di luna – Bottega del tintoretto (Fossò, Venezia)
2015 group Arte in comune 2012/2015 – Biblioteca civica (Dolo, Venezia)
2014 solo Tempus fugit – Arte in comune (Dolo, Venezia)
2014 group [fèm-mi-na] – Cinema Politeama (Piove di Sacco)
2014 group [fèm-mi-na] – en plein air (Pontelongo)
2014 group Ossigeno – ex libreria Zannoni (Padova)
2012 solo Visioni oniriche – Ex Bertellis (Padova)


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